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Owen McGrann

Owen McGrann

Co-Founder | Resident Troublemaker

Well, well, well – what do we have here?

Years ago, I vowed I would never write another bio; I’ve written at least ten since.  Why?  It turns out I really love meeting people and putting my thumb on the scale to help great things happen in their lives.

I can’t give you up!

Wendy and I have teamed up here at Purely Estates Law Group to leverage that scale in our community’s favor.

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Winnie McGrann

Winnie McGrann

Chief Morale Officer

Each morning after breakfast and a leisurely walk, Winnie marches up to Owen (who is likely minding his own business and enjoying a cup of coffee) and insists: it’s time to work.

Perhaps it’s the worry that if Owen doesn’t get to work, he won’t be able to afford to feed her insatiable appetite, but Winnie brooks no dilly-dallying when it comes to settling into business!

Although Winnie is slowing down a bit in her later years, she is still perfectly capable of stealing a piece of pizza right off your plate.  While she once relied on speed and natural ability, she is now in her late-Jordan years, schooling her monkeys with wit, cunning, and impossibly longing eyes.

Clare McGrann

Clare McGrann

VP of Mess Development

Sometime in 2021, Owen saw a shirt that said, “I was normal two Airedale’s ago,” and took it as a challenge.  Clare is Purely Estates Law Group’s resident agent of entropy.

Clare, above pictured on her way to a weekend in Aspen, has cemented the firm’s dedication to a paperless office and has helped us understand the value of proper gatekeeping mechanisms.

We’re as excited to have Clare on the team as we are that she has finished teething.

Wendy Witt

Wendy Witt

Co-Founder | Ambassador of Impact & Joy

Hi, It’s Wendy here. 

Nice to meet you!

When Owen McGrann and I talked about creating this firm, he wisely asked what was most important to me about our work, the business we would create, and the people we would help.

My answer led to my self-proclaimed title, Ambassador of Impact and Joy. 🙂 That’s what’s important to me when I’m making a decision of where to invest my time, energy, and money. Impact and joy.

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Pippa Witt

Pippa Witt

VP of Client Entertainment

Pippa (aka “the Polkadot Princess”) provides zoomie lessons for a small fee. We’re happy to include complimentary lessons for those enrolled in our annual Client Care Program

Pippa is a mystery pup with the coloring of a Bluetick Hound. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out the rest! 

All peeps and dogs are welcome here.

Joey Witt

Joey Witt

VP of Client Recruitment

Our ever-popular Joey Witt walks the paths of the Fox Chapel area always ready to greet a new human and bring them into the fold so they and their family are protected too. 

When you see Joey out and about, feel free to say hello.

If you live out of the area, rest assured that Joey enjoys meeting clients via Zoom as well. These meetings typically result in laughter as well as a rapid exchange of cat memes and videos.


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