You don’t have an estate plan because…

Estates. Pure and simple.

You never knew it could be this easy.

I feel like I have permission to live my life now, because we have everything covered that needs to be covered.  At first, it’s scary, and then it’s liberating.  It’s fulfilling to know we’ve provided for every one of our child’s needs.

Lindsey L.

Eight months ago, I was shaking with anger and had issues sleeping because of the mess we were in. Today, that is mostly behind us and it goes without saying that we wouldn’t be here without you. Our family is and will always be eternally grateful for your work on the estate.

Tim B.

Don’t think twice: just hire Owen. It’s like you’re not working with a lawyer: you have cost transparency, the process is simple, and he’s incredibly easy to work with. Truly a superior experience.

Rajiv A.

Here’s how we do it:

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