The Baseline Plan

The urgent step for when the bare essentials are good enough.

In times of tight budgets, immediate health concerns, or minimal assets, the Baseline Plan offers a dignified, essential level of planning. It includes the very basics: a will and living will, ensuring your wishes are documented and respected. This plan is thoughtfully designed for those in critical situations or with limited means, providing a measure of peace and dignity when it’s most needed.

The Baseline Plan is your get-it-done-now solution. It’s the bare minimum, but it’s something. You and your loved ones aren’t going to like the estate plan the state has set up for you very much, so let’s get the basics covered: a Will and Living Will – simple, straightforward, and effective for limited purposes.



(+ $50 for partner)


The No-Brainer Start

Need just the basics? The Baseline Plan offers the minimum viable estate plan. All utility, no fuss.


A Gift to Your Loved Ones

Your Will takes care of your loved ones by making it easier to enact your wishes and simplify a difficult time.


Empower Your Final Wishes

Your Living Will empowers you to take control of your end-of-life medical care.

About the Baseline Plan

1. Your Will – a $2,000 value

Think of your Will as a gift you’re giving to your loved ones.

      1. Take Charge of Who Gets What: Writing a Will means you get to decide exactly who gets your stuff—your money, your house, your prized possessions—after you’re gone. It’s your way of making sure your things go exactly where you want them to, not just where the law says they should go if you hadn’t made a Will.
      2. Cut Down on Family Drama: With a Will, you can help prevent squabbles and hard feelings among your family after you’re gone. By spelling out your wishes clearly, there’s less chance for misunderstandings or fights about who gets what, making things smoother for everyone involved.
      3. Speed Things Up: A clear Will can make the whole process of sorting out your stuff after you’re gone quicker and less complicated. Without a Will, your loved ones might be stuck in a long, stressful, and expensive legal process to figure out who gets your assets. Writing a Will can save them a lot of headaches and heartaches.

2. Your Living Will – a $750 value

A Living Will ensures that you receive the end-of-life care you desire.

      1. Ease the Load on Your Family: Making a Living Will means you’ve made those big, tough medical decisions ahead of time. This takes a huge weight off your family’s shoulders. They won’t have to guess what you would’ve wanted during hard times because you’ve already laid it all out clearly.
      2. Get the Medical Treatment You Want: A Living Will lets you spell out what medical treatments you’re okay with and which ones you don’t want. This way, you make sure that your healthcare is exactly as you choose, respecting your wishes to the letter.
      3. Stop Family Disputes Before They Start: With your medical wishes written down in a Living Will, you can help avoid arguments among your family members. It acts like a guidebook for your loved ones and doctors, making sure everyone’s on the same page and reducing the chances of disagreements about your care.

3. Legacy Discovery – a $500 value

Purely Estates’s Legacy Discovery helps you uncover your estate planning needs with our expert onboarding team, ensuring your vision and values are at the forefront of your Baseline Plan.

4. Legacy Framework Proposal – a $1,000 value

Upon completion of Legacy Discovery, the Purely Estates team will prepare a personalized Legacy Framework Proposal. We will present a pinpoint presentation detailing every crucial element from executors to your final wishes.

5. Legacy Dispatch – a $1,000 value

Receive your future in a package with Legacy Dispatch. Alongside your Baseline Plan, we provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions, empowering you to implement your plan with confidence. Our dedication to educating you on how to use your plan delivers Easy Button level instructions and access to explainer videos walking you through the process.

All in, this is a $5,250 value for only $737!

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Name Your Heirs

Don’t leave this up to the state: take control of who inherits your estate.


Determine Who Executes Your Estate

Let’s make sure you empower someone emotionally and fiscally prepared to execute your plan in charge.


Ensure Your Choice in End-of-Life Care

Ensure your medical wishes are respected and relieve your loved ones from making tough decisions.