The Legacy Plan

For those who demand excellence.

Ambitious and asset-rich? The Legacy Plan is your definitive choice for estate management. This premium package is crafted for individuals with significant assets, looking to manage their estate with unparalleled detail and foresight. Featuring a revocable living trust among other advanced estate planning tools, it ensures every aspect of your legacy is carefully planned and protected. It’s an elite, comprehensive solution for those who seek to leave a lasting impact, ensuring your legacy is preserved and cherished for generations.



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Ultimate Estate Solution

Seamlessly integrates all assets under one comprehensive plan.


Maximize Privacy

Keeps your estate affairs confidential and out of public records.


Effortless Transition

Ensures smooth, efficient asset distribution to your beneficiaries.

About the Legacy Plan

1. Revocable Living Trust – a $10,000 value

Your Revocable Living Trust replaces a Will as the central factor of your estate plan.

      1. Avoid Probate: A Revocable Living Trust allows your estate to bypass the time-consuming and often costly probate process. Unlike a Will, which must go through probate court, a trust operates outside of this legal procedure, enabling a smoother and faster transfer of assets to your beneficiaries. This means your loved ones can access their inheritance without the delays and public scrutiny associated with probate.
      2. Enhanced Privacy: Privacy is a significant advantage of a Revocable Living Trust over a Will-based plan. Wills become public record once they enter the probate process, exposing your estate details to public view. In contrast, a trust keeps your estate matters private, ensuring only your chosen beneficiaries and trustee know the extent and distribution of your assets.
      3. Tax Efficiency and Strategic Planning: A Revocable Living Trust offers avenues for more strategic tax planning compared to a Will-based estate plan. While it doesn’t provide tax benefits during the grantor’s lifetime, it can help minimize estate taxes for larger estates upon their death, ensuring more of your legacy goes to your beneficiaries rather than to tax payments. This is particularly beneficial for those with significant assets, as it allows for the inclusion of tax-optimization measures within the trust structure, such as distributing assets in a way that takes advantage of tax thresholds and exemptions.
      4. Greater Control Over Asset Distribution: A Revocable Living Trust provides more flexibility and control in specifying how and when your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries. You can set conditions or milestones (like reaching a certain age or achieving an educational goal) for beneficiaries to meet before they receive their inheritance. This allows you to tailor the distribution of your assets in a way that aligns with your values and wishes for your heirs.

2. A Pour-Over Will – a $1,000 value

A Pour-Over Will makes sure that assets you forget to put into your Trust are put where they belong.

      1. Comprehensive Asset Coordination: A Pour-Over Will acts as a safety net by ensuring all assets, even those not initially placed in the Revocable Living Trust, are ultimately transferred into the trust upon death. This seamless coordination between the will and trust ensures that all of your assets are distributed under the trust’s terms, offering a unified approach to managing your estate.
      2. Simplifies Estate Management: By directing all assets to the trust, a Pour-Over Will simplifies the estate management process for your executor and trustee. This consolidation reduces the potential for oversight and confusion, allowing for a more straightforward administration of your estate, ensuring your wishes are carried out efficiently and accurately.
      3. Enhances Privacy and Avoids Probate for All Assets: While assets transferred through a traditional will go through the public and often lengthy probate process, those directed through a Pour-Over Will into a trust can bypass probate, maintaining privacy. This approach not only expedites the distribution process but also keeps the details of your estate out of the public record, providing an additional layer of privacy for your beneficiaries.

3. Your Living Will – a $750 value

A Living Will ensures that you receive the end-of-life care you desire.

      1. Ease the Load on Your Family: Making a Living Will means you’ve made those big, tough medical decisions ahead of time. This takes a huge weight off your family’s shoulders. They won’t have to guess what you would’ve wanted during hard times because you’ve already laid it all out clearly.
      2. Get the Medical Treatment You Want: A Living Will lets you spell out what medical treatments you’re okay with and which ones you don’t want. This way, you make sure that your healthcare is exactly as you choose, respecting your wishes to the letter.
      3. Stop Family Disputes Before They Start: With your medical wishes written down in a Living Will, you can help avoid arguments among your family members. It acts like a guidebook for your loved ones and doctors, making sure everyone’s on the same page and reducing the chances of disagreements about your care.

4. Financial Power of Attorney – a $1,500 value

Having a financial power of attorney is like having a safety net for your finances. It’s a crucial part of planning for the unexpected, ensuring someone you trust can step in and manage your money if you can’t. Without it, you leave your financial well-being to chance, which can lead to unnecessary stress and complications for you and your loved ones.

Here’s why it’s so important:

      1. Prevents Financial Chaos: Without someone legally designated to handle your finances, bills might go unpaid, and assets could be mishandled, leading to financial disaster.
      2. Avoids Court Involvement: Without this document, a court might have to step in to appoint someone to manage your finances. This process can be lengthy, stressful, and public.
      3. Ensures Your Wishes Are Followed: You set the rules for how your finances are managed. Without a financial power of attorney, your specific preferences for managing your money and assets might not be considered.
      4. Protects Your Legacy: It’s not just about protecting your finances in the present. This document helps ensure that your financial goals and plans for your family’s future are not derailed by unexpected events.

In essence, a financial power of attorney is not just a formality; it’s a critical safeguard for your financial security and peace of mind.

5. Medical Power of Attorney – a $1,500 value

Creating a medical power of attorney is like appointing a personal health advocate. It ensures someone you trust can make medical decisions for you if you’re ever unable to speak for yourself. It’s a crucial safeguard, not just a piece of your estate plan but a lifeline during times of medical uncertainty. Without it, your healthcare wishes might remain unknown, and decisions about your health could be left in the hands of strangers or dictated by court processes.

Here’s why having a medical power of attorney is vital:

      1. Keeps Decisions with Loved Ones: Appointing someone as your health care agent means decisions are made by someone who knows you well, not by doctors or courts who don’t.
      2. Avoids Confusion and Delays: In emergencies, having a clear decision-maker eliminates guesswork and delays in treatment, ensuring you receive the care you prefer quickly.
      3. Ensures Your Wishes Are Honored: You can outline what medical treatments you do or do not want, giving you control over your healthcare even when you can’t voice it yourself.
      4. Reduces Family Stress: By clearly naming who should make decisions, you can prevent conflicts among family members about what you would have wanted.

Not having a medical power of attorney can lead to a situation where your healthcare preferences are overlooked, and family members are left guessing or disputing about your care. It’s more than planning for the future—it’s about protecting your rights and wishes today.

6. HIPAA Authorization – a $250 value

A HIPAA authorization form is your green light, letting doctors share your health information with people you trust. It’s simple but powerful. Without it, your family or friends could be kept in the dark during critical moments, unable to get important health updates or make informed decisions on your behalf.

Here’s the lowdown:

      1. Ensures Smooth Communication: It allows your healthcare providers to share your medical information with designated individuals, breaking down barriers to open, helpful conversations about your health.
      2. Gives You Control: You decide who gets to know about your health status, ensuring your privacy is respected and your wishes are followed.
      3. Avoids Delays and Confusion: In times of emergency, it speeds up the process of getting your loved ones the information they need to support or make decisions for you.

A HIPAA authorization is about keeping those who care about you informed and involved, without sacrificing your privacy or control over your personal health information.

7. Legacy Discovery – a $500 value

Purely Estates’s Legacy Discovery helps you uncover your estate planning needs with our expert onboarding team, ensuring your vision and values are at the forefront of your Baseline Plan.

8. Legacy Framework Proposal – a $1,000 value

Upon completion of Legacy Discovery, the Purely Estates team will prepare a personalized Legacy Framework Proposal. We will present a pinpoint presentation detailing every crucial element from executors to your final wishes.

9. Legacy Dispatch – a $1,000 value

Receive your future in a package with Legacy Dispatch. Alongside your Baseline Plan, we provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions, empowering you to implement your plan with confidence. Our dedication to educating you on how to use your plan delivers Easy Button level instructions and access to explainer videos walking you through the process.

That’s a $17,500 value for only $3,997!

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Efficient Legacy & Tax Planning

The ultimate solution for efficient legacy planning and an opportunity to streamline tax liabilities.


Ensure Your Children's Future

If something were to happen to you, you have a full plan in place to take care of your children.


Ensure Your Choice in End-of-Life Care

Ensure your medical wishes are respected and relieve your loved ones from making tough decisions.