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Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning is an essential element of life design. When done right, estate planning helps to reduce friction, increase joy, and keep families together.  At Purely Estates Law Group, we empower our customers to live secure in the knowledge that they’ve taken control of the future.


When a loved one passes, there’s a lot to process.  We are dedicated to helping you work through the legal complexities that come with probating an estate, so that you can focus on the far more important things: celebrating the life of your loved one, working through grief, and connecting with friends and family.

Elder Law

“Elder law” or “nursing home planning” is part of a frequent conversation for many due to worry – worry about the cost of assisted and independent living facilities; worry about protecting one’s house and assets; worry about ensuring that the right people will be in the right place, able to effect your wishes

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A little about us

Inspired by Ram Dass’s observation, “We’re all just walking each other home,” we created Purely Estates Law Group to protect families, make estate-related work feel as easy as possible, and create a no-judgment, people-helping-people zone. 

This is where the cool stuff happens. 

We connect with fellow humans who love someone. We’re a law firm that uses the law for good.  And we do it in plain language that you don’t need a translator to make it through a conversation with us.

Look, we know that you may have had frustrating experiences with lawyers before.  (Believe us, you wouldn’t believe our experiences with lawyers!)

We intentionally work differently.  We price using flat fees, meet you where you’re comfortable over Zoom (we won’t tell on you if you wear your jammies to the meeting), work with you as trusted advisors to think proactively rather than just react to problems, and streamline the process so that you’ll forget you’re working with lawyers.

At Purely Estates Law Group, we help you care for the people you love.  It’s all we do.



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